Donewin LED Desk Lamp Review

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  • Modern, sturdy design
  • Touch control
  • Flexible, multi-directional
  • Wireless, USB charging
  • Eye-friendly


  • Pricey
  • Touch control is too sensitive

In the times we are living in, most of us spend at least 8 hours every day studying or writing reports and journals and other stuff. Still, the one thing that we seem to forget about is our own health. It is pretty hard to work in a low-light environment, yet we seem to do it often, but at a high cost – your eyes are strained and at risk for degraded vision.

A single product such as a proper desk lamp can go a long way towards preventing this problem and improving the quality of the environment you are working in. Thus, buying a proper LED desk lamp is a great decision and as these are quite popular, it shouldn’t be hard to find one. Our personal favorite is the high-tech, innovative, and sturdy Donewin LED Desk Lamp. Let’s take a look at what it has to offer.

Donewin LED Desk Lamp

While we agree that a desk lamp shouldn’t be something you should waste too much money on, we still think that paying a bit extra for a number of innovative features is a smart decision. The Donewin Desk Lamp is an excellent example of a high-quality product, that may not be accessible for everyone, but still stands at a reasonable price among the bestselling products. On top of all that, it is highlighted by a modern metallic design and will look great on your office table.

Who is this product for?

There is no doubt that you can find adequate desk lamps for half of this price – still, no one can deny the quality that this desk lamp offers. Thus, if you are doing an office job or you are a school or college student and you spend much of your day at your desk, it will be a great investment.

What’s included?

For the price this product is coming at, you are probably expecting to get a bunch of accessories. However, that is not the case. But that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hold great value as you are getting a sturdy, innovative LED desk lamp, a USB charging cable, as well as a user manual that will instruct you on how to adjust and set up the desired light levels.

Overview of features

You can’t go wrong when buying from the Donewin company. There are a number of great things about this product. First, we are looking at a strong and sturdy metallic design, with a solid, stable base and a 4mm body that is flexible and adjustable, allowing multi-directional light.

Apart from being an attractive lamp, it is eco-friendly as well due to the fact that it includes an LED lamp instead of a harmful CFL bulb. You can expect a running time of 50,000+ hours. There are two charging modes – you can either connect your smartphone via a USB cable or put your phone at the wireless base and enjoy effort-free charging.

As for the LED lamp that highlights this product, it features 5 different brightness modes as well as 3 different temperature modes including lighting, reading, and sleep settings. It also comes with very solid buttons, yet using it is quite easy as all the modes, as well as the on/off, is controllable via a touch screen switch.

Still, much like any other product, it does have a few small cons – first, you have to take your phone out of the protective case for wireless charging. Additionally, the touch screen switch is a bit too sensitive. Based on everything that has been said, it is quite clear that this product deserves its high rating and your attention.

How to use

Much like any other LED desk lamp, this one comes with a user manual that will give you the proper instructions for operation. The most important feature of this product is the touch screen switch which you will use to adjust and set up the right levels of brightness and temperature. As for charging, you can either go for the wireless or USB mode.



If you are looking for a lamp that is not too sensitive while it still has all the great features like a wireless charger and multiple brightness modes, this YUOKOYI model is a great choice. Standing at a similar price, and with a great, sturdy design, it is a good buy for anyone who cares about the environment they work in.


Unless you want to be a victim of chronic eye-strain and exhaustion, you will need to get a proper LED desk lamp. The Donewin is a phenomenal choice due to its innovative features, including its attractive design and effortless use.

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