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Why Do LED Lamps Flicker?

why do led lamps flicker

When you think of lights flickering overhead, the first thing that comes to mind might be an old library or a horror film. One thing that these places usually have in common is long arrays of fluorescent bulbs that are long past their expiration date. More recently, LED lights have been rapidly replacing fluorescent lights as […]

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How to Change Office Lights

how to change office lights

If you are seeking to raise employee morale, one great way to do so is to change the lights in the office. A great majority of employees are unhappy with how the office in which they work is lit. The following article will describe how to change office lights and instantly boost morale in your office. […]

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What Is Inside a Lava Lamp?

what is inside a lava lamp

 The majority of us have laid eyes on a lava lamp before, even if it’s just on television or in a magazine. Owing to its fascinating mechanism, many have wondered how they’re made and how they work. If you’ve also asked what is inside a lava lamp, then you’re one of the many who had. […]

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Can a Desk Lamp Grow Plants?

The atmosphere that you work in is vitally important to your productivity. So, when designing your office area, perhaps the addition of a plant might be nice. After all, plants keep the air fresh and have been scientifically proven to boost mood, so adding one to your desk would be a good idea. Or maybe […]

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